Credit Cards Accepted!

Our base pricing:
When you are ready to sign up, we will meet at the commissary to show you everything. Please bring a photo ID and your payment. We will bring all the necessary forms.  One month's refundable deposit is needed to secure a spot at the commissary and the sign-up month's prorate.  Here's more information:
  • $250 per month - You will receive 1 shelf of dry storage and 1/2 shelf in the refrigerator (best for smaller operations and hot dog carts).
  • 350 per month for concession trailers/food trucks that sell pre-packaged goods/other.  You will receive 2 shelves for dry storage and 1 shelf in the refrigerator.
  • $35 per shelf for extra dry storage
  • $50 per shelf for extra refrigeration storage
  • $50 for extra freezer storage (1/2 drop freezer)
  • $45 per month for food truck/trailer parking (limited space available)
 NOTE: We do NOT have cooking equipment, please confirm with the Health Department if you are able to use a commissary that does not have cooking equipment).
  • 24/7 access with your own key. 
  • Additional storage can also be added, ask us for details!
  • Need extra storage for your catering business?  Planning a church event or party and need to store your dry goods and perishable items?  Contact us today!
  • All leases are month-to-month!
  • Hourly Rental Starting at $25 per hour (dependent on needs, this includes prepping, chopping, bottling, packaging, etc. only).  $35 per hour for prepping involving plugging in appliances.  Does not include refrigerator or freezer storage, please e-mail us with details regarding your needs for additional pricing.