Our facility is located at:
1902 E. Geer St. Durham, NC 27704
The building is right on the corner of Geer St. and Watson St. 


Go Green! We recycle!

Sink Room 
(3 compartment sink, vegetable prep, meat prep)
When you walk in the side door, this is the view.  This is the main entrance to the commissary.

Refrigerator Room
The refrigerator room contains prep tables and refrigeration.

Freezers and Dry Storage
The front room contains freezers and dry storage. 

Need your own private space? 11.5X6.5 room available for private rental! Includes 1 prep table, 1 cube refrigerator and 1 prep table (unlimited kitchen time!) for $535 per month, as us about it!

Lots of storage space for your non-perishable items and utensils

Commercial refrigerators and freezers

Easy pushcart and food-cart access to mop basin with grey water disposal

Large mop sink and waste-water/grey-water disposal

Two preparation sinks great for preparing produce or condiments!

Three-compartment wash sink